Laddering made easy and efficient

Save time and energy. LadderUX makes Laddering efficient. Entering data is straightforward and the analysis is simple.

LadderUX allows researchers to add their data into the score matrix in an easy and efficient manner. Researchers can also enter a specific product or condition, associated with the ladder,... Read more >>

Laddering analysis made reliable

Increase the reliability and validity of your data. LadderUX helps you to analyze your data in a scientific manner, offering powerful tools.

LadderUX can automatically assess intercoder reliability. A second coder can enter ladders as well, and LadderUX will immediately assess the intercoder reliability. Ladders can be disabled and ... Read more >>

Laddering results made insightful

Create compelling value maps. LadderUX offers to create convincing and insightful charts and maps based on your data.

 LadderUX makes use of a clever algorithm to optimally position the different elements. However, researchers can still adjust the hierarchical value maps and reposition elements if necessary... Read more >>

Laddering with a team of researchers

Work together to get the most out of your research. LadderUX allows to share your project with others and to work together on a dataset.

Different levels of sharing are possible: clients can only view the result of a study, while colleagues can actually add data to the project, etc. This makes laddering in team easy and ...Read more >>